Thursday, December 23, 2004

1997 - 2001: Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University was my school of choice because of both its location and reputation.


Yes. Most Indonesians would have gone to either the West coast or East coast school where they could form their own "little Indonesia" community. At the conclusion of their studies, they still spoke broken English.

I chose St. Louis so I would not get that option.

What I did get was the luxury of knowing some of the brightest--and friendliest--minds in America who just enjoyed of having me around. My roommates Ralph and Chris, my RA Saskia, and my entire "Shepley 5" floormates helped me to integrate into American culture and college life. They helped me break the language and cultural barriers.

In my second year I became close friend with Laura, a Wisconsin girl who invited me to Wisconsin to celebrate the traditional American holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, and to see the 6 foot of snow in Wisconsin's December landscape. With her help, by the third year I had mostly American and international friends, and English began to take over as my first language.

In retrospect, I really don't think I could've done any better (though the credit really goes to Shepley 5, Laura, and many others--including my acting teacher Andrea).

Wisconsin snow, December 2000

Take me out to the baaallgame ... graduation ceremony

Suitemates (J, Kev, Tim) - graduation ceremony

Graduation gala with the special friends

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