Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cup'oCofi is back with the blog!

OK ... as promised, I am returning to blogging now that the weather turns cold, the sun has stopped shining over northern Europe ... though the snowboarding season is now calling ...

Anyway, I'm back here in front of my favorite computer for the time being ... until about early December when I would again find a refuge closer to the mountains for the snowboarding season ... :)

I am also trying to migrate my pictures collection to Flickr since I have been running out of space in my free Picasa account. I also loved Flickr's map function where you could see on the map the places that I have visited :) ... though it might take some time before I could manage to finish this task ... but in the meanwhile of course you could still see my collection in my Picasa account ...

Castle up above the clouds ... Chateau du Haut Koenigsbourg, Alsace, France

Alsace in fall colors ...

Geneve, Suisse (Switzerland)

Lausanne, Suisse (Switzerland)

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